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Children’s Education

Messianic Jewish Children’s Education

We are very blessed to have a dynamic and creative program for the KA kids.  This includes nursery (0-3) through 5th grade.  The main focus are the important 45-minute classes directly after the Torah service on Shabbat morning.  We love having our kids with their families for the first part of the service to experience all the elements of music, dance and liturgy together.  Our dedicated educators are constantly bringing new ways to teach and mentor our children.  What is distinctive about the KA program is that we offer our kids a solid biblical education along with their Jewish heritage in Yeshua.  Where else can they experience making matzah while they study the New Testament regarding Passover?  Plus you never know when Moshe or King David are going to pop out of the time machine!  The KA Shabbat School is the perfect place for our kids to grow in their love for Messiah and the Jewish context of their faith.  Bring your kids on Shabbat for an exciting spiritual experience!

Kehilat Ariel also offers its own Hebrew School for kids (age 10-13) who need to prepare for their bar/bat mitzvah.  This year-long course includes Hebrew reading, cantillation and mitzvah projects to serve the larger community.  Contact our office regarding fees and requirements.

Dor L’Dor: Teaching Our Kids About G-d.