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Treasure Chest

                                            Treasure Chest Prayer Letter

June 2009

                                                                                                  Matthew 6:19-21

Dear Friends and Family,


We are about to embark on a most incredible journey; probably the most incredible since we went into full time ministry 12 years ago!


As well as our fulltime ministry, The Treasure Chest, we have enjoyed our work as Education Directors at Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue.  As many of you know we have been working very hard with our youth group the past two years raising funds for a Study Tour to Israel.  We have raised over $35,000 and now everything is in place and we will be taking 15 youth (+5 adult chaperones) on a 22 day Study Tour of the Land.  It is so amazing that after all the hard work everything is in place and we will depart from San Diego on June 17.  We will spend the first week in Jerusalem, the second in the Galilee and the last week in Elat with a side day tour to Petra, Jordan.  Each location will allow us opportunities to work with other Believers in the Land, tour historical and Biblical sites, and a chance to study G-d’s Word right where it all took place.  How awesome is this?  Words cannot describe the emotions we feel in accomplishing this amazing feat.  Our desire is that our youth will have a life changing experience and they will meet the G-d of Israel in a way they have never experienced before.  We are scheduled to return to San Diego at 10:05am July 9.


Now for the second part of our journey:  At 7:45pm, July 9, we will fly to Mainland, China to work in a summer school program for factory workers’ children.  We will be joining Jimmy, the young man we took to Hong Kong in January 2008.  He stayed behind when the door opened for him to teach English in this factory.  Now he is bringing us to work with him!  This all came about in the past two months while we were finalizing the details of the Israel Tour…what timing! 


Needless to say we will be away the entire summer, returning the first week of September.  Talk about a year flying by….  Naturally we are very excited, nervous, a bit afraid, and anxious but in all of this we know that Adonai is in complete control.  Our desire has always been to serve Him first, to be willing and available for whatever He has for us.  We go in obedience with complete trust and faith in Him.


We ask for your prayers as we take on this huge responsibility traveling in Israel with our precious youth and then as we go on to China.  We cannot do any of this in our own strength and so your prayers are so important to us.  Pray for those who will look after our home, our bills, our animals, etc. while we’re away.  Pray for our health and our finances as the Treasure Chest will not be able to minister during the summer and at this point has nothing on the calendar when we return.  The Treasure Chest puts food on our table and keeps the roof over our heads!  Again we just praise G-d because He does know our every need, our weaknesses, and our fears.  He is able….Baruch HaShem!


Thank you all for your love and support as we serve Him,


Michael & Jeannie Stinton (Aka Sparky & HoneyBun)

Magicianaries for the Kingdom


July 13, 2009

We returned home from Israel with our youth on July 9.  What a wonderful 22 days we had together in the Land.  So many things to share but that must come later. 
We arrived in San Diego at 9:30am on July 9, went home to regroup, wash clothes and repack.  At 7:30 pm we were on a plane headed for China for the rest of the summer.  I can’t tell you how diffucult it was to get back on a plane after traveling for more then 24 hours!  Our flights were good, thankfully, but long.  We arrived in China on Saturday morning-traveling Wednesday through Saturday, losing one day in the travel due to time differenences-10 hours difference in Israel and 15 hours diference in China.
It’s great being here with Jimmy and his sister Joy.  We were exhausted when we arrived but started our first day of school today and are feeling like we’re on China time.
Can’t say much but wanted all to know we’re safe and doing well.
Jeannie & Michael