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A central focus of Kehilat Ariel is Torah (instruction) from all areas of the Holy Scriptures (Torah/Prophets/Writings/New Covenant).  There is a strong need for balanced and detailed teaching today from the messianic Jewish perspective.  It is vital that we study the Scripture seeking to understand its original Jewish context and background.  Special regard is given to exploring Jewish culture, traditions and history in order to fully grasp the original intent of the the writers.   Listed below are a sample of some informative teachings by Rabbi Barney Kasdan. Numerous additional teachings can be accessed via the link below.   As King David said “How I love Your Torah!” (Psalm 119:97)  Enjoy!

Weekly Adult Classes:

  • Parasha Class (Shabbat 9:00 – 10:00 am)  This is an overview of the weekly synagogue reading from the Torah and the Prophets.  Led by a team of KA leaders.
  • Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego (Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm) These classes provide an in depth study on various topics from Jewish history, culture and Bible.  Taught by Rabbi Kasdan and other accredited instructors.  For fees and details, click on MJISD.

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Dead Sea Scrolls

Weekly Messages:

Selected messages from KA are available for downloading or streaming to your computer via our media player (to the right).