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Winners For Trip For Two To Israel!

January 1, 2017 by  
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Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue is proud to announce that Aaron and Jen White are the winners of last night’s raffle drawing.

Mazal Tov! – Congratulations!


4 Responses to “Winners For Trip For Two To Israel!”
  1. E Ben David says:

    I’m a Jewish believer and don’t feel comfortable in a church or in a Messianic congregation. In the church, they teach too much about Paul. I don’t want to know about Paul. I want to know about God! Also, there are too many disparaging remarks about the Pharisees. I’m a Pharisee. Anyone who believes in heaven, hell and angels are Pharisees. Jesus was a Pharisee! But at a Messianic congregation, there is no mehitza. Everyone sits together. The congregation prays in any direction. Men don’t get called up for aliyah. I don’t think they even have aliyahs during the parsha. I have never heard kaddish recited and I have don’t recall anyone doing mesheberach. So it’s just so foreign to me. God will show me the right place to belong.

  2. gerry moran says:

    Hi Rabbi Barney, Last year, you talked about the signs/constellations in heaven and how God uses them to communicate with us. This year, there will be a sign in the heavens again that sounds like Revelation 12:1-5 – that date will be 23 September 2017. Can you please comment on this event that will take place in reference to the Sept 23, 2017 date. Thank you.

  3. I wish you find a site here in Wayne, New Jersey soon. I’m Jewish. Have a blessed secular New Year.

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