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Our Vision

The vision of Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue is summarized in the acronym “H.A.T.S.”

  • Havurah – fellowship or connecting socially with people
  • Avodah – worship or service to God
  • Torah – teaching from  Scripture and our rich heritage
  • Shlichut – outreach to our community and the world

Many other synagogues (and churches) may have similar values but what is distinctive about Kehilat Ariel is that we put this vision within our faith in the Jewish Yeshua as King Messiah.  Kehilat Ariel is a synagogue offering a community where we can come together to pursue this vital vision for greater San Diego.  You don’t necessarily have to be Jewish to be part of this but a Jewish “heart” is required.  We are building a home for Jews who want to have Yeshua in a Jewish way and for non-Jews to embrace the original understanding of Jesus.  We naturally are a shul that welcomes inter-married families to the logical approach of Messianic Judaism.  Check our website for further details about each element of our Messianic Jewish vision.  We invite you to come out and discover how Kehilat Ariel can be a great spiritual home for you and your family!