Shabbat Messages
Message recorded each Shabbat at Kehilat Ariel services. Most messages are from Rabbi Barney Kasdan, but messages from guest speakers are available as well.

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Date Title Theme or Verse Click to stream to media player Right Click and "Save Target as.." to download
12/30/00 Rambam Principle # 11 Final Judgement Daniel 12 Streaming Download
12/16/00 Rambam Principle # 10 G_d Is All Knowing Psalm 139 Streaming Download
12/09/00 Rambam Principle # 9 -The Torah Will Never Change Deuteronomy 12 Streaming Download
12/02/00 Rambam Principle #8 - The Torah Is Inspired Numbers 12 Streaming Download
08/12/00 God of the Second Chance Judges 21 Streaming Download
04/22/00 Yeshua Our Living Hope 1 Peter 1 Streaming Download
01/01/00 Spiritual Goals for a New Millenium 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3 Streaming Download
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