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Zach in Israel – Update 8/9

August 11, 2010 by  
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Hi family,
Things have been pretty good here.  On my average day I get up at around 6 to 6:30, and go sweep the balcony of the Guest House and wipe down some rails.  After that I go see if those on breakfast need any help, and then check my emails and facebook to see if I have anything new.  After that we eat breakfast, clean up, do devotions, and then do all the cleaning that needs to be done in the Guest House.  After that, we eat lunch and have a break from about 2 to 4.  Then we start getting ready for dinner.  An arab christian lady named Iman cooks the dinner, but we usually help setup the dishes etc on the tables.  After dinner, we clean up and spend whatever time we have left watching TV or movies or just hang out.  Every week one of the volunteers has both dishes and breakfast at least once.  
Just last week I went up Mount Arbel for the first time.  It was very beautiful, and not too hot because it was about 5 in the morning.  During the entire hike I was sweating a river, and drinking even more water.  Just before the top, I started feeling a little nauseous and had to slow down.  Once at the top, I was able to see the sun rise above the clouds that were over the Galilee.  It was beautiful.  On the way down, I went into the castle that was built into the side of the mountain, apparently by the crusaders back in the middle ages.  I found it incredible to think that some of it was carved out of the side of Arbel. 
Soon the staff here are going to take a few days off, and it looks like I’ll be tagging along with Stephen down to Eilat.  We’ll be staying in the Shelter, and will be doing some snorkeling and maybe some hiking.  Pray that God gives us a great time there, and that we would be able to have a good rest.  

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