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Zach In Israel 7/17

August 2, 2010 by  
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Hi Mom and Dad,

My main work has been grounds keeping and serving the guests.  I’ve cleaned up leaves, swept and mopped, and cleaned the toilet.  For the first two days I had a break for jet lag, but on my first real day I got to do dish duty with a full house of about 44 people.  I’ve been working with an international group of people who very highly motivated.  It’s great because I don’t feel like I’m doing all the work.  Ted is an awesome guy who does a good job leading us through kindness and example.  The work is hard, but it feels good because you know that you are doing something worthwhile and that God is using you.  When I first arrived I felt lonely for the youth group, but that feeling has started to pass with the new feeling of gaining a new family.  It’s funny because one of the people volunteering here is a Swedish woman named Barbros.  People keep calling here Barb and constantly remind me of Mom. 
On the 16th, we went to Gan HaShloshah for a girl’s 19th birthday, which was the same place we went for my 19th last year!  Also, right now I just got done finishing some setup for a small concert that will have a classical guitar!   It’s funny how last year the volunteers kept telling the group how great we were by helping them and stuff.  I didn’t understand until now, because many of the groups that come here are filled with great people, but they don’t help too much with our daily tasks.  Make sure that the KA Youth hears about this, and that they are encouraged to keep up the good work. 
I have one main question for you guys, and that is how did the hike and glass making go on Thursday? 
Anyways, I’m enjoying my time here, and hope to hear from you soon!

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