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Zach in Israel – Update 8/18

August 18, 2010 by  
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Hi guys,
From Wednesday to Sunday I had my first vacation!  After dropping two others that were also catching a break, Stephen and I went down to Eilat.  On the way down we accidently got on the wrong highway, and came up to a concrete wall with a gate and towers which had signs in Hebrew saying do not enter.  We turned around, got back onto the right highway, and looked at the map.  It turns out that we had come up to a checkpoint for entering into Gaza!  After that, we headed down the correct highway and were able to drive most of the way without aircon because the Northern part of the Negev is very cool at night.  We got down to Eilat and never spent a single night under a roof, just sleeping mats, bags or some sheets, and maybe some pillows.  The first and third night we spent the night on the stage in the courtyard of the Shelter, and the second and fourth we spent out in the desert.  Every breakfast we had flavored yogurt and maybe some granola bars.  We did a lot of snorkeling and swimming in the ocean.  On the way back home, we decided to take a shortcut through Hebron and Bethlehem to get to Jerusalem to pick up Kath whom we had dropped off on the way down.  From Jerusalem we went North to Beit Shean, were we went through the incredible ruins, and then came back to Beit Bracha.  Overall my vacation was a great adventure, but I’m glad to be back home.
Hope all is well!


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  1. Madeline says:

    I meet Zach, from San Diego, in September while I was staying at Bet Bracha in Israel. I was traveling with Ted Walker’s Sister, Cheri. Zach is working in a beautiful retreat center over the sea. This was my first trip to Israel and I hope to return to see more of land.

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