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Zach in Israel-Update 12/23

December 23, 2010 by  
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Zach is still living and serving in Israel at Beit Bracha Prayer & Retreat Center located in Migdal, Israel and in a very short time he will return home from his adventures.

I, as his father, am very proud of my son Zach and the work that he is doing in Israel. He calls us on the phone from time to time when he isn’t playing basketball with Ben, one of the local guys, and other Israelis, who Zach claims play dirty. Ben is an Israeli believer who believes in Yeshua as the Messiah and from what Zach has told us, he was raised as an Orthodox Jew. Zach has learned much Hebrew and gained insight into their hearts while running up and down the basketball court. This insight appeals to Zach’s sense of competition and his physical conditioning. As Zach says, Fire in the eyes, the drive to excel and to be ones best at all times. A sense of duty to his friends while learning his role and place in life is what extends to those around him. Zach also admires the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Officers and Enlisted personnel who have stayed at Beit Bracha. They have this same attitude towards their fellow man, the servant attitude. The Officers exhibit this attitude in that there isn’t a task too big or too small that they can’t accomplish. Zach says this reminds him of his brother Gianni walking around like a tough guy.

Once while playing basketball with his Israeli friends, for some reason, Zach began to sing the HafTorah blessing and Ben was close enough to hear and recognize the tune. Ben was amazed that Zach knew this blessing. Zach gained a lot of respect from Ben and this endeared him to Ben as a friend because of this intimate connection. I feel this sense of connection while Zach is in Israel, that we as a family and Congregation are connected to Israel in a very intimate way.

God reminds us in the scriptures that his spiritual capital is Jerusalem and through the Messiah Yeshua we are connected to the Land and the people in an intimate way. That all peoples and tongues of the earth will one day worship the one true living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Jerusalem.

Zach has many more stories to tell us and I am sure he would like to share these with you after he returns.

Gabe Pacheco

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