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Zach in Israel – Update 9/16

September 16, 2010 by  
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Just sending you guys an email to let you know how I’m doing. 
I’ve met several people out here who have either been to KA, or know the Rabbi.  Back in July I met a guy named Barry Leventhal, who was a guest, but was also the head speaker during the daily devotions back then.  Also, I recently met a guy who said to tell Deb and Rome that Don from Brooklyn says Ciao Matzo Ball and Meatball. 

Just recently Franclin, a pastor from Brazil, has started working here, and has been staying with me in my giant room.  He knows very little English, but one of the reasons he came to Beit Bracha was to learn it.  What I can’t say to him in English I try in Hebrew, and if that doesn’t work, I attempt Spanish.

I’m not entirely sure what God is doing with me out here.  I seem to be developing more discipline, and I procrastinate half as much as I used to. The spiritual war here is so much more intense.  Every fault I have seems to be challenged at one point or another.  Sometimes I prevail, and sometimes I don’t.  When I first came here I felt a sort of spiritual deafness.  After a while I complained about it to a friend, who said that it was a common occurrence, which they themselves had experienced at one point.  That same day, I decided to just lay down and try to listen for God in silence one more time.  I heard a baby cry, and realized that’s how we all are.  How we become so scared, and can hardly imagine how close and dependable God is, even when we realize we need Him. 

Lately I was reading portions of Leviticus, and realized that the Old Testament outlines exactly why we need a Messiah.  Over and over again it said that we must be Holy, because God is Holy.  One way is to be honest with ourselves and others.  It says do not hate your brother in your heart, but to reason frankly with him (Leviticus 19:17).  In the version I was reading it said that we shall obey His commandments, not that we must.  It’s incredible that the LORD brought that to fulfillment through Yeshua in His life, death, and resurrection.  
Anyways, just a little bit of my meditations.  Hope all is well with you!


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