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Rabbi Barney leading a Seder with Israeli and Christian Pro-Surfers in the new movie “Promised Land”

March 26, 2009 by  
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A Congregation of Messianic Jews and Gentiles that believe Yeshua/Jesus is the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures.


7 Responses to “Rabbi Barney leading a Seder with Israeli and Christian Pro-Surfers in the new movie “Promised Land””
  1. Andrew wambugu says:

    Shalom. Its a great site. Am a kenyan and was surprised that there are members of kehila here. In kenya there so many groups of messianic proffessing believers who identify with the u hope to hav a common approach?

  2. Sharoncita says:

    Shalom Rome.

    Is it possible to get the Seder posted on the home page with our events? I’d love to see seekers pick that up when they do a search for Seder tickets 🙂

    Todah rabah


  3. jerry parlade says:

    SHALOM…i am jerry parlade..ISRAELOGIST..lecturer of ISRAELOGY..from the PHILIPPINES…a friend of Mr.Yaniv REVACH,Deputy Chief of Mission,Embassy of ISRAEL(city of Makati-Philippines)my mobile phone is: +63153939801 email:…also a very close friend of Ms.Sharon ROSENFELD- President of JEWCIA: Jewish hEbreW Center In,adherent of ORTHODOX commitment(vow)is to promote a HEARTBEAT for the JEWS..ISRAEL..and UNDIVIDED CITY OF JERUSALEM!i am just a whispering ANT in elephant’s ear!i hope(HATIKVAH)that i will have the opportunity to meet some russian JEWS (MESSIANIC,orthodox,etc.)from UKRAINE or KIEV…i wish that the russian jews will also TRY to visit our country…the PHILIPPINES….God bless…Zech.8:13-jews are a BLESSINGS to the WORLD! JERRY PARLADE

  4. Amos Muyelele says:

    Greetings in Jesus name,

    We are blessed by your ministry. We have been visiting your website for the last few months and it has been of great blessing to us as a young ministry in Kenya Africa.

    My wife and I are called into full time ministry here in Kenya, we are pasturing young church called Nakuru Miracle church and overseeing nine sister churches which are doing well under the grace of God. Your ministry has been of great help in providing helpful Christian materials to the body of Christ. We have felt a great impact in transforming our ministry whenever we go through the article and the information on your website. We have been using it as teaching tool in our pastor’s seminars, in every three months we do have a seminar for the dear pastors that we are working together and this website has been of great help in doing these seminars.

    We feel in our heart to invite you over to come over and minister to our churches and help us in equipping our pastors for the work of the Lord, we are sincerely praying for you everyday.

    God bless you and please.

    This Amos and Carol Muyelele

  5. Lily Rees says:

    I thought I would begin a discussion by posing a question… What did YOU think of last shabbat and having German believers standing with Jewish believers and asking for forgiveness? Okay, maybe two questions… And, what do you think of them talking about breaking the silence and exposing a darkness that started in the church ever since it was first disconnected from its Jewish roots, something that keeps it from standing fully as one with Israel?

  6. Laurie Herlickman says:

    Beautiful, Thank you for all your hard work.

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