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Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 3

July 30, 2010 by  
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A Call to Authentic Messianic Jewish Life and Ministry

Blessings in the Name of Messiah Yeshua! As the afternoon winds down, and we prepare for our Erv Shabbat dinner, … I wanted to add a new blog entry and share some thoughts on the message last night from Rabbi Dr. Dan Juster. From his message there was much which he shared that were quite noteworthy, but for me what stood out the most was regarding the call for ” …ALL Messianic Jews in Yeshua to be in the Messianic movement”. Although this may be an expected axiom for many in the UMJC, there is nevertheless some disagreement among some, and as juster has stated “this is significant problem within our movement”. As noted by Dr. Juster, “… within the last ten years we have seen the plateau, if not the possible decline of Messianic Judaism within North America”.

In this, Dr. Juster further stated “you cannot have a calling before G-d without the responsibility to live out that calling”. We as Messianic Jews are called into community within that sphere of the Messianic commuity, however when Messianic Jewish believer elect to live outside of the Messianic Shul and within the Church, then Dr. Juster states that ” …  in affect we are choosing to live outside of the Perfect Will of G-d”.

The Newer Covenant Scriptures emphatically tells us that we called to remain as we are, and as such – Jews are bound before Hashem to remain as Jews and live a Jewish life. When a Jew to chooses to believe in Messiah, it should never diminish his/her Jewishness – but in fact enhance it and bring that Jewishness to its fullest expression!

In counter to this (and towards the leaders of our local Churches), when Pastors and Church leaders encourage Jewish believers within their congregations to cease being (or living) as Jews then it is a sign to the Jewish world (and to Hashem) that there is still Antisemitism in the Church. This is nothing short, says Rabbi Juster than a spirit of assimilation (being the greatest fear in the Jewish community) and the overt propagation of supersessionism.

If our calling in the Messianic movement is to be sure, then we MUST continue to raise up new leadership, for the next 10 years and beyond – who will respond to this divine call of the Rabbinate within our movement. We must also seek out new leaders who are called by G-d and anointed by His Ruach, who are called to restore the anointing of the Spirit within our movement and in the fulfillment of Messiah’s command in the Great Commission to preach the Good News to our people Israel in an authentic Jewish manner and towards an authentic Messianic Jewish lifestyle.

Let us as a single body at Kehilat Ariel, continue to strive to live out authentic Jewish lives where we as both Jews and like-minded Gentile believers stand in singleness of heart and purpose for the things which Adonai has called us to. I am amazed at the things the G-d is doing in our midst, and my prayer is that as one people (both Jew and Gentile) we might stand and fulfill all that G-d has called us to in Yeshua’s holy name!

Shabbat Shalom Everyone!


2 Responses to “Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 3”
  1. mark.rantz says:

    Hello Brian,
    I believe if we all moved in that direction, in unison as one body, it would transform the world. In seeking to serve G-d in obedience, we must first remember that it is Adonai who seeks us out first, and yearns for an intimate relationship with us … It is the love of the Messiah that draws us into obedience, for it is only in that place that true blessing and shalom can be found. We are never truly happy and at rest until we rest in Him and His perfect will for our lives.

    ~ Mark

  2. Brian Whalen says:

    You mentioned living out the calling. I am reminded of the ecclesiastical epistles after reading this. While these letters, especially 1 Tim are often thought of as guidelines for church leaders, what would the result be if the entire body of believers moved in this way, towards loving obedience in Him. So many of us have a difficult time with obedience, Lordship, and other phrases like that.

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