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Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 2

July 30, 2010 by  
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July 30, 2010, morning

Rabbinical Intern’s Travel log. Vol. 2

Reflections from the evening, July 28, 2010

Blessings dear friends in the Name of Messiah Yeshua, our one and ONLY Salvation!

Well, finding an Internet hot-spot, coupled with free time to write this week, has been harder than I originally expected. Nevertheless, I have carved out a few minutes to sharing some musings on the conference sessions thus far!

To say that G-d is doing amazing things in our midst would be the eternal under statement! In reflecting back to two nights ago (July 28) with Rabbi Howard Silverman’ s keynote address we were exhorted in the area of our ‘Messianic Jewish Imagination’ and encouraged that G-d in Messiah (and through our movement) has given us VISION in Him for our future and that we are called to move beyond what we are today into a truly  “Transformed Jewish Experience”.

As mentioned in my last sermon to all of you prior to coming to Seattle, WA –  We as the Messianic movement are not just in “another denomination” or movement, but are part of the Sovereign work of Adonai for these last days!

Do you fully grasp the weight and importance of that statement – “ … the Sovereign work of Adonai for these last days”? In this we are called not to be the tail but the head! If G-d’s Kingdom in Messiah through his universal body is as an arrow being shot by the L-rd for the fulfillment of His purposes, then Messianic Judaism is THE HEAD OF THAT ARROW and as such we are called sovereignty by G-d in all matters, and at all time TO LEAD THE WAY for the return of our Messiah Yeshua! Other denominations and movements are good and used of G-d, and certainly G-d has not abandoned the gentile church, or our gentile brothers and sisters in Messiah – BUT we in the Messianic movement as well as we of the UMJC are called to in every manner lead the way! We must therefore take the stand for that which G-d has called us to do, and we must never settle for second place, or believe the lie that we are less important then the rest.  Although we may be smaller in size and have fewer resources, it is Adonai who is the one that equips, calls and anoints and has called us to lead in the demonstration of His eternal power.

As Israel, Hashem never chose us because we were the biggest or the strongest, but because we were the smallest and the weakest. He has done this that through His people He might display His GREATNESS and that in the end the Goyim (nations) will know that without a doubt that it was Hashem who had done it, and not we ourselves!

G-d, I believe is calling all of us to take a step of GREATER FAITH & TRUST in Messiah and to see the Messianic Movement the way He has eternally seen it and willed it to be! As the time draws near for the return of our Messiah and King, let us all who are called to the Messianic movement – step up and take our rightful place in the affairs of our G-d! Now is not the time to be timid and reserved, but instead to be obedient! And in our obedience, G-d will use each and every one of you to demonstrate His power and glory! As each and every one of you reads this, I pray that the Ruach ha Kodesh will fill you to overflowing! Come to Yeshua – yes even with your fears, and reasons why you think that G-d could not use you for such a great task. Come to Yeshua, our Messiah and King and leave your burdens at His feet and He will replace those fears, anxieties and that lack of confidence with the power of His Spirit and the anointing of His calling upon your lives! G-d has called us to be kadosh (holy) and to be empowered for this great work, … RECEIVE all that He has for you today and let us together WALK THE TALK, … and in that walk in the Inheritance of Your G-d and King, Amen.


One Response to “Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 2”
  1. Brian Whalen says:

    So many of us forget or never learn about the sovereignty of God; I usually use the phrase immense power when describing Him to others.

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