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Torah Procession

March 4, 2010 by  
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Torah Procession at KA


2 Responses to “Torah Procession”
  1. Angel says:


    I am a Christian who is currently reevaluating certain traditional practices within my faith; specifically, the Lord’s Supper. I have come to understand that this love feast was a meal that was originally practiced in a communal setting; a shared and joyous festival rich in symbolism yet clothed with simplicity. Sadly, most Churches have drifted away from the biblical model and have replaced it with a ritualistic rite officiated only by the clergy.

    I enjoyed the insightful article “The Cup of Redemption” by Barney Kasdan, Messianic Rabbi and I am interested in learning how to properly observe the communal meal/Passover. Can someone recommend any reading or video material that could explain the meaning behind the Seder meal and its use of parsley, horseradish, and matzah? Any material that can explain and instruct me to properly observe the Lord’s Supper/Passover would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Angela Andrews says:

    I am of Christian faith born and raised in it, we were always taught by my family to respect Jews because they are the chosen people, in the past 3 months my pastors have encouraged us to start embracing the Torah and even went as far as to partake in passover Seder this week with your families. My husband bought a book called The blessing of the Torah by Larry Huch, we have recently been reading this book and have since become obsessed with the blessings and Jewish traditions,

    This week we went on to celebrate passover and plan to do Easter/ pascha as well, I almost feel like my whole life Ive been missing something, I graduated from a bible college, learned about the holy spirit, was a missionary served God with all my heart but wondered why I was never taught about the Torah and the Jewish blessings over our lives, as i journey out to seek answers and discover this whole new world, I’m amazed by just the little bit Ive learned how it has blessed my family, I am humbled by the fact that I get to partake of all of this as a gentile/Christian, I am learning so much from this site,

    Thank you again as I journey through understanding to get to where I believe God is leading me and a lot of other Christians is to embrace the Jewish roots get back to the family and the blessings and the beginning where it all started. ill keep you posted.

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