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Passover Pesach Video 2010

April 6, 2010 by  
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  1. Dale Haynes says:

    Belated though this email to the synagogue may be, I was there (Passover 2010) sitting at one of the tables trying to catch every word of what the young French brother was saying about ministry/outreach to the non-Messianic (in the Yeshua-accepting sense, of course) Jewish community and its several difficulties. (Mark, if you’ll be screening this while Donna recuperates, hi there, I’m hoping for breakfast in Escondido next wk.) This would be followed by my first ever regular weekly synagogue service (Yeshua-accepting or otherwise) on 6/26 after inspired exhortation from Rabbinical Intern Mark — Mark, you know the highlights of the personal story behind this and the stunning blessing of “confirmation,” including the frustrating yet crucial delaying of this personal lifetime milestone, entwined with the burdensome (in a good Way we trust) themes of Numbers 22/”Jude” 11 & Romans 11 I’ve been carrying the last few years — to bring my walk more in alignment with my anti-supercessionist talk (my words not Mark’s), gave me rabbi’s teaching on Dan, and let me see the Body of the Jewish Messiah of Israel doing regular life together as the First Century (C.E.) rabbi from Tarsus surely envisioned it in his letter to the kehilat(s)/ekklesia(s) (including maybe a synagogue?) in Ephesus. Emphasis here on regular fellowship with its indispensable healthy tempering influence. My thanks to you all for your friendliness. I had to keep trying to maintain my composure. I’m suspicious of emotionalism, but I found I was NOT ashamed of the tears as I watched Jew and (presumably) gentile dancing together to the glory of the Holy One of Israel who took the nails for us all, Jew first, irrevocable goyim-blessing Election in full swing.

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