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My Saddest Night In Israel

February 24, 2011 by  
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Growing up as a Jew, I never in my life would have thought that I would one day be compared to Hitler.  But that’s just what happened tonight.

I was informed that there would be a ‘rally’ against Messianic Jews (Jews who believe that Yeshua is the promised Jewish Messiah) in the town of Ashdod, Israel.

At first we thought our dear Pnina was to have her bakery targeted again.  The poor woman just wants to make cookies and cakes, but because of her faith in Yeshua, she’s been endlessly harassed for years…

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2 Responses to “My Saddest Night In Israel”
  1. Anna Samson says:

    Its hard for me, as a Christian to understand . Nazism is a pagan belief system with roots
    in the occult – the OPPOSITE of Christianity .

    The Nazis persecuted and murdered
    millions of Christians before and during W W II – especially in Poland .

    The attitude of the Germans might be confusing, but hundreds of thousands of
    British, American , Canadian , European and so forth Christians risked
    and gave their lives to fight Nazism . My father was one of them .

  2. Jon says:

    A friend had a similar experience: wanted to visit an Orthodox synagogue just to see what it was like. Had been brought up Christian, and told that to an elderly Jewish man (tattoo probably on his wrist) as he talked to the people in the synagogue. The man reacted to the word “Christian”, and began walking around the room quietly warning his friends that there was a “Nazi” present. My friend simply remained pleasant, helped with some chairs that needed moving, and left later feeling that staying polite and helpful without trying to preach/convert was the best course of action. People, especially Jewish people, can tell if someone’s genuine or not. As any of us would, they object to somebody barging in and telling them how wrong they are. HaShem accepts them, and knows what they’ve been put through “in Jesus’ Name.”

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