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at an Armenian restaurant with Shoresh directors Yoel and Laura(front left, behind Zach)

A friend of Shoresh gives us a short history class on the spiritual and societal contributions of Christians to Jerusalem

Youth group leaving for Israel



 Youth group leaving for Israel


This was on our first day touring Jerusalem with Mr Ted Walker This balcony is actually right outside the entrance to the Western Wall and provides one of the best views of the city.


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  1. Gabe says:

    Interesting how the flame and light from the Israel trip hasn’t gone out even after all these months. I see young people with changed lives.

  2. Bruno says:

    I think it was the Archeological Park right next to the temple mount. The Model, I don’t remember what it was. But I know it was there.

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m very sorry for the lack in updates…as you can imagine, it’s pretty tough to set aside some time for the computer when there is so much to do!

    On Thursday, the 25th, we left Jerusalem with heavy hearts. Most, if not all of the youth didn´t think we could have a time any better than what we had in Jerusalem…boy, were they surprised!
    We left early morning and made our way north, through much desert terrain. Our first stop was at the Ein Harod springs where the Lord filtered through Gideon´s army according to the way the men drank from the spring. We next loaded ourselves on the bus for a visit to the Beit Alfa synagogue which holds the remnants of a mosaic floor within the early synagogue built there. Rami (our guide) then took us to Bet She´an, the capital of the ancient Decapolis cities and the place where the Philistines hung Saul´s body on the ramparts. A few of us braved the heat and hiked up to the top of the Tel there. Finally, our ¨treat¨ for the day was a swim at the natural pools of Gan HaSholosha. Wet, but happy, we made our way to the Galilee where we arrived at Beit Bracha.

    Friday, we focused our tour on the Galilee ministry of Yeshua and his disciples. The day started with a visit to the Mount of Beatitudes, then on to the shore by the Sea. We next stopped at Capernaum to see the the remains of the synagogue and of Peter´s house. Next, it was on Nof Ginosar where the ¨Jesus boat¨, a fishing boat from the time of Yeshua. The personal highlight of the day (for me) came next, when the group went to the Jordan River to witness/participate in the mikveh. It was definately something special; David Castle, Jorge Gomez, Sydnee Cruse, Kelcy Guest, Zach Pacheco, Moses Rodriguez and myself where all given the chance to set a public statement, a testimony of the work God has done in each of our lives.
    We ended the day with a very peaceful boat ride on the Galilee.

    Saturday, the 27th, was our ¨rest¨ day. We spent the greater part of the day swimming and playing football at the community pool close to Beit Bracha. That night we were invited to join the Bar Mitzvah of a local young man, held at Beit Bracha. The informal service was followed by a BBQ, which was probably the most food we´ve seen for quite awhile!

    Sunday, the 28th, half the group woke up at 4 am to take a strenuous hike to the oasis in Yehudia Canyon. I didn´t go, but from what I´ve heard, though it was very hard and tiring, the youth that went had a blast. According to Gianni Pacheco, his favorite part was ¨…going down the ladder and jumping into the water.¨ For those of us who did not want to attempt it, we had another fun day of swimming. We first revisited the Jordan River to witness the mikveh of Arielle, a friend from Beit Bracha. Then we granted access to a hotel´s swimming pool and beach.

    The 29th, we visited Qazrine, located in the Golan Heights, where we saw an experimental movie documenting the sights and sounds of the Golan Heights. From Qazrine, we traveled to Mt. Bental where we explored the abandoned barracks near the border with Syria. Our next stop was at Caesarea Phillippi and the Banias Falls.

    General observations:
    Healthwise, everyone has been doing fairly well. Colds have still been going around, but have not been a problem other than being a nuisance. During the Yehudia hike, Sydnee fell several times and has bruised her tailbone. It´s given her a lot of pain, but we´re proud of her for being brave! Kelcy´s nosebleeds have tapered off, although she still has an occasional nosebleed every now and again. Carol have been suffering from migraines and nausea. Michael Stinton has a sore knee that has been given him trouble, so please pray for his speedy healing.
    We are all very close ¨family´ now, having lived with each other for the past two and a half weeks. Friendships have been formed and cemented among the youth that will be hard to forget or break. We´ve shared a lot; rooms, injuries, emotions…you name it. I praise God for the work He has done to create unity within this group. I´ve worked with few youth groups before, but I have to say that I´ve been impressed by the maturity and service of this group of amazing youth. They´ve perservered through injuries and sickness, cramped living conditions, hard days of walking, and spiritual challenges, and yet I´ve hardly heard a complaint. In fact, with each place we´ve stayed, I´ve only heard praise about the youth´s initiatives to wash the dishes, clean up their rooms, and serve wherever there is a need. Parents, you should be proud!
    We´ve really really really appreciated your prayer coverage. From the get-go, we´ve faced challenges. There has been some really trying times and some tough decisions have had to be made, sacrifices have been required….but we wouldn´t have been able to make it as far as we have if we didn´t have those prayers!!

    I’ll really do my best to keep catching up to date!

    Here’s some quotes from the youth about their trip so far:

    “Petra was amazing” – Billy

    “Shwarma is my favorite [food]”- Diane

    “The camel ride was my favorite experience so far. The camels are really strong and have a natural rhythm.” -Jorge

    “I want to live here someday!”- David

    “It went so fast!” -Billy

    “I got stung by a bee for the first time in Jerusalem” – Diane

    We are all looking forward to see our loved ones soon!!!

  4. Barb Pacheco says:

    Happy Birthday, Zach! Wow, turning 19 in Israel! Too cool! We love you very much…Mom & Dad.

  5. Steve & Martha & Diego DeOrlow says:

    We are holding Carlos and Bruno Garibay and the entire study group in our prayers for a safe and happy journey full of beautiful experiences, revelation and blessings. Steve & Martha & Diego

  6. carlosgimel says:

    Since we arrived directly in Yerushalem on the first day we were here, we have skipped the first activities on the itinerary which were the ones in Tel Aviv. This arrangement, Ted Walker said evened things out so that our itinerary would remain the same as planned. The same activites in Jerusalem will be done on the same days. Tomorrow,(I am not sure if this is in line with the original itinerary) we will be going to the Temple mount to see the ruins of the second temple, built by Herod. It is on Mount Moriah, which is apparently not as high as it used to be though due to sedimentation in the surrounding valley areas and other effects of time.

    I think I heard we might be going somewhere else besides Mount Moriah to see the temple ruins, but I’m not sure.

  7. Amanda says:

    Youth Update:

    After getting to our guesthouse around 4:30 am, we caught a few more hours of sleep, then got up for a breakfast of hot dogs at 10 am. Ted Walker took us on a walking tour around the city, circling the wall as Nehemiah did. We passed each gate; the Damascus, Golden, Lion, and the Dung Gates. We spent 10 minutes at the Western Wall (the Kotel) and then refreshed ourselves with ice cream at the Christ Church ministry center. Finally, we spent a couple hours resting before we go out to dinner and meet up with Yoel and Laura, who are the directors of the Shoresh tours.

    Besides being a little tired, everyone is having a good time and is being a ¨good sport¨. It feels like we´ve already gone through bootcamp just to get here, so I think that, hopefully, our schedule for the week ahead won´t be too taxing. It´s hot, and the youth are getting used to the constant stickiness, but the good news is that we have plenty of water and air conditioning in our rooms!

    Keep us in prayer, especially for the health of all the youth, as our bodies have been put through tremendous strain already.

  8. Lynn Migdal says:

    Dear Youth Trip to Israel:

    May Adonai bless you on this exciting trip to Israel. Many prayers will be with you during this time.

    Acknowledge God’s power, his sovereignty over Israel,and the power he reveals in the skies! You are awe-inspiring, O God, as you emerge from your holy temple! It is the God of Israel who gives the people power and strength.
    God deserves praise! Psalm 68:34-35.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful experiences when you return.

    B’shem shel Yshua,

    Lynn Migdal

  9. rremigio says:

    Godspeed to all you intrepid travelors, hope you get to see Rachelle and Remy while your there. Remember, we are living vicariously through you all.

  10. Amanda says:

    Youth to Israel Update:

    We’re leaving tomorrow! After two years of preparation, we’re finally sending 15 youth for an amazing 22-day study tour of the Land. We’ve worked so hard to raise the funds, and have put in a lot of time into preparation. But the rewards are bountiful, as this will be the first time most of the youth have been to Israel. We expect great changes and revelations as Adonai reveals the plans He has for each of our youth, and for the whole group as a whole!

    We’ll be meeting at the San Diego airport early morning to go through customs before our flight leaves at 1 pm. From there, we fly to Atlanta where we have a couple hours to wait before boarding the plane to Tel Aviv!

    We’ll be arriving at 5:20 pm, and will be met by our tour bus which will take us to the Beit Immanuel Guesthouse in Jaffa. There, we’ll spend the rest of the evening in a time of worship and prayer with Ted Walker.

    I will be updating as much as possible! We appreciate your prayers!
    – Amanda

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