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HaShem Has A Son

March 26, 2011 by  
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HaShem has a Son; his name is Yeshua, Salvation, in the Hebrew language. According to the Torah there is a coming Messiah. A Jew, a Jew who is special by birth and position, with humble beginnings, and that he would perform signs and miracles according to the Jewish scriptures.

Let’s suppose this one particular “Messiah” had already come and he was put to death on a cross by the Romans? Then as in the sign of Jonah, he spent three days and nights in the belly of the big fish? However, this “Messiah” rose again from death on the third day. Some discount the power of God, however, if God is who he is, and he can do “ANYTHING”. Would this not be the greatest sign of all about who the Messiah really is? As in days of old there was a way that was prescribed by God that one man a year could come before God to ask for Atonement of Sins for the greater community.

Yeshua has now taken the place of all sin offerings and burnt offerings that is why the scriptures say, that if anyone believes on Yeshua he will not die. Yeshua gives each man access into the very holy of holies. God again has provided for himself for the atonement of Israel’s and for all mankind sins. Never again to be remembered.

By Gabe Pacheco

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