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Talmud, Marriage and New Life in Messiah

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As a Messianic Jewish leader, one of my greatest joys has been participating in Jewish Weddings, where as the L-rd’s people we are called to witness a man and woman joining as echad (or, one) under the Chuppah in marriage before Adonai! Most notably however is this imagery of how G-d as a husband, has sought out Israel, and in covenant relationship  made œher (us) his bride. As Messianic believers, this takes on an even fuller dimension, for as stated in 2 Corinthians 11:2, we are presented as a pure virgin (or kadosh) to our one husband –  Yeshua ha Mashiach!


In essence, through trusting, we become the Bride of the Mashiach!


How many times have we been around older married couples that not only complete one another’s sentences, but at times even seem to know what the other person is thinking before they even say it? Some have even confessed that they have a hard time telling where they personally end and their spouse begins!


In essence, they are echad!


In reviewing such imagery, I recently uncovered an amazing Tractate of the Talmud, where our Sages in Sanhedrin 14a, (in referencing Yevamot 63a), state that a man who lives without a woman is not an man (or Adam) at all, for it says male and female he created them, and He called their name Adam, therefore [after marriage] he is as if he is a new entity and therefore his sins are forgiven  [meaning]  one who converts [to Adonai] is as if he was Born Again as they saith, A convert is like a newborn child!


As per the Rabbi’s, as with this imagery of marriage,  Coming in faith (or in Conversion) to Adonai is therefore a transformational event, which leaves the individually eternally changed! To this end, the Rabbis remind that when a person comes to faith in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it is not just a legal stipulation which he/she is now following, but in that new relationship with G-d they are transformed as seen in their receiving the mikvah and accept Torah (or the instructions of Adonai)! As such the Rabbis conclude that coming to faith is transformational in nature because it is grounded in an atonement, which G-d alone can provide, by which the adherent is “Born Again”!


Is it therefore any wonder that in Yochanan (John) chapter 3 in the Newer Testament, that Yeshua told Nikdimon:


 Unless a person is Born Again from above, he cannot see the Kingdom of G-d indeed, I tell you that unless a person is born from water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of G-d. What is born from the flesh is flesh, and what is born from the Spirit is spirit. Stop being amazed at my telling you that you must be Born Again from above!


So, this day when you recall the time you came to faith in Messiah Yeshua, be reminded  that on that day you were likewise were married to Him in grace and sealed in Him forever; and that in love your are His, saved forever and NOTHING can ever snatch you out of His hand!


Likewise, if you are Jewish and have never heard this before, be reminded dear friend that to accept your Mashiach and believe in Him is the Most Jewish thing you could ever do! For as Yeshua stated, “No greater love then this that a man lay down his life for his friends” (Yochanan 15:13), and therefore in demonstration of that love, by bearing the judgment of your sin Yeshua took upon Himself that punishment for sin which the Torah required, so that you might receive the benefit of his atoning work as our Passover Lamb! (Isaiah 53)




By Mark Rantz, Intern Rabbi

Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue





If you desire to know more about Yeshua – the Messiah of Israel, … Please feel free to contact the leadership of our Synagogue!

Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 3

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A Call to Authentic Messianic Jewish Life and Ministry

Blessings in the Name of Messiah Yeshua! As the afternoon winds down, and we prepare for our Erv Shabbat dinner, … I wanted to add a new blog entry and share some thoughts on the message last night from Rabbi Dr. Dan Juster. From his message there was much which he shared that were quite noteworthy, but for me what stood out the most was regarding the call for ” …ALL Messianic Jews in Yeshua to be in the Messianic movement”. Although this may be an expected axiom for many in the UMJC, there is nevertheless some disagreement among some, and as juster has stated “this is significant problem within our movement”. As noted by Dr. Juster, “… within the last ten years we have seen the plateau, if not the possible decline of Messianic Judaism within North America”.

In this, Dr. Juster further stated “you cannot have a calling before G-d without the responsibility to live out that calling”. We as Messianic Jews are called into community within that sphere of the Messianic commuity, however when Messianic Jewish believer elect to live outside of the Messianic Shul and within the Church, then Dr. Juster states that ” …  in affect we are choosing to live outside of the Perfect Will of G-d”.

The Newer Covenant Scriptures emphatically tells us that we called to remain as we are, and as such – Jews are bound before Hashem to remain as Jews and live a Jewish life. When a Jew to chooses to believe in Messiah, it should never diminish his/her Jewishness – but in fact enhance it and bring that Jewishness to its fullest expression!

In counter to this (and towards the leaders of our local Churches), when Pastors and Church leaders encourage Jewish believers within their congregations to cease being (or living) as Jews then it is a sign to the Jewish world (and to Hashem) that there is still Antisemitism in the Church. This is nothing short, says Rabbi Juster than a spirit of assimilation (being the greatest fear in the Jewish community) and the overt propagation of supersessionism.

If our calling in the Messianic movement is to be sure, then we MUST continue to raise up new leadership, for the next 10 years and beyond – who will respond to this divine call of the Rabbinate within our movement. We must also seek out new leaders who are called by G-d and anointed by His Ruach, who are called to restore the anointing of the Spirit within our movement and in the fulfillment of Messiah’s command in the Great Commission to preach the Good News to our people Israel in an authentic Jewish manner and towards an authentic Messianic Jewish lifestyle.

Let us as a single body at Kehilat Ariel, continue to strive to live out authentic Jewish lives where we as both Jews and like-minded Gentile believers stand in singleness of heart and purpose for the things which Adonai has called us to. I am amazed at the things the G-d is doing in our midst, and my prayer is that as one people (both Jew and Gentile) we might stand and fulfill all that G-d has called us to in Yeshua’s holy name!

Shabbat Shalom Everyone!

Rabbinical Intern’s Travel Log, vol. 2

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July 30, 2010, morning

Rabbinical Intern’s Travel log. Vol. 2

Reflections from the evening, July 28, 2010

Blessings dear friends in the Name of Messiah Yeshua, our one and ONLY Salvation!

Well, finding an Internet hot-spot, coupled with free time to write this week, has been harder than I originally expected. Nevertheless, I have carved out a few minutes to sharing some musings on the conference sessions thus far!

To say that G-d is doing amazing things in our midst would be the eternal under statement! In reflecting back to two nights ago (July 28) with Rabbi Howard Silverman’ s keynote address we were exhorted in the area of our ‘Messianic Jewish Imagination’ and encouraged that G-d in Messiah (and through our movement) has given us VISION in Him for our future and that we are called to move beyond what we are today into a truly  “Transformed Jewish Experience”.

As mentioned in my last sermon to all of you prior to coming to Seattle, WA –  We as the Messianic movement are not just in “another denomination” or movement, but are part of the Sovereign work of Adonai for these last days!

Do you fully grasp the weight and importance of that statement – “ … the Sovereign work of Adonai for these last days”? In this we are called not to be the tail but the head! If G-d’s Kingdom in Messiah through his universal body is as an arrow being shot by the L-rd for the fulfillment of His purposes, then Messianic Judaism is THE HEAD OF THAT ARROW and as such we are called sovereignty by G-d in all matters, and at all time TO LEAD THE WAY for the return of our Messiah Yeshua! Other denominations and movements are good and used of G-d, and certainly G-d has not abandoned the gentile church, or our gentile brothers and sisters in Messiah – BUT we in the Messianic movement as well as we of the UMJC are called to in every manner lead the way! We must therefore take the stand for that which G-d has called us to do, and we must never settle for second place, or believe the lie that we are less important then the rest.  Although we may be smaller in size and have fewer resources, it is Adonai who is the one that equips, calls and anoints and has called us to lead in the demonstration of His eternal power.

As Israel, Hashem never chose us because we were the biggest or the strongest, but because we were the smallest and the weakest. He has done this that through His people He might display His GREATNESS and that in the end the Goyim (nations) will know that without a doubt that it was Hashem who had done it, and not we ourselves!

G-d, I believe is calling all of us to take a step of GREATER FAITH & TRUST in Messiah and to see the Messianic Movement the way He has eternally seen it and willed it to be! As the time draws near for the return of our Messiah and King, let us all who are called to the Messianic movement – step up and take our rightful place in the affairs of our G-d! Now is not the time to be timid and reserved, but instead to be obedient! And in our obedience, G-d will use each and every one of you to demonstrate His power and glory! As each and every one of you reads this, I pray that the Ruach ha Kodesh will fill you to overflowing! Come to Yeshua – yes even with your fears, and reasons why you think that G-d could not use you for such a great task. Come to Yeshua, our Messiah and King and leave your burdens at His feet and He will replace those fears, anxieties and that lack of confidence with the power of His Spirit and the anointing of His calling upon your lives! G-d has called us to be kadosh (holy) and to be empowered for this great work, … RECEIVE all that He has for you today and let us together WALK THE TALK, … and in that walk in the Inheritance of Your G-d and King, Amen.