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November/December 2013 – The Night Before Chanukah (also a Yiddish quiz!)

Nu? News

Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue Newsletter

Volume 30, Number 2          November/December 2013             Kislev/Tevet  5774


**”Peter, Paul and Mary Alive” in concert Nov.16

**Kid’s Hebrew School begins Dec.7


Upcoming Events


November 9 & 16, Saturday, 9:00pm. “The Miracle of Israel” documentary on TV in San Diego 

Get ready for a wonderful messianic outreach event!   Our friends at Jewish Voice Ministry (led by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis) have put together a top-notch documentary movie entitled “The Miracle of Israel.”  This educational film covers some of the miracles around the history of the Jewish people: the modern state, the regathering from the nations and the messianic expectation.  What is very special is that this movie is being aired on many major TV stations nationwide.  Over 1 million people have viewed the movie so far and several thousand have requested more information about Yeshua and Messianic Judaism, with many local messianic synagogues doing the follow up.  Kehilat Ariel of San Diego is closely involved with this project and ready for the follow up in our local community.  The movie is showing at primetime locally on Saturday, Nov. 9, 9-10pm on KFMB/CBS channel 8 and Saturday., Nov. 16, 9-10pm on KSWB/Fox channel 5. Tune in & pass this along to your Jewish & Christian friends!


November 16, Saturday, 6pm.  KA Anniversary Celebration with “Peter, Paul and Mary Alive”!

Where were you in 1963?   The musical trio Peter, Paul and Mary were with Martin Luther King at his famous speech in DC.  The classic tunes of this group made a huge impact at that dramatic time of history.  There is a tribute band that accurately captures the sound and the message with such hits as “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”, “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “If I Had a Hammer.”  “Peter, Paul & Mary Alive” will give a special concert at Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue on Saturday, November 16, 7:00pm at 3219 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.  This professional trio led by Messianic Cantor Peter Gordon has done concerts nationwide and is the only tribute band endorsed by Peter Yarrow himself (the Jewish one).  The evening event marks the 32nd Anniversary celebration of the synagogue and all proceeds will go towards our ongoing work in the Jewish community.  Space is limited and all tickets are reserved seating ($50/$35/$25).  You and your friends are invited to this special event.  Get your tickets today through or call 858-490-4355.  Hope to see you there as we support our shul!

November 30, Saturday, 10:30am.  KA Hanukkah Service.  Come out for this special Shabbat celebration as we recall the miracles of the season.  Holiday music, latke potluck luncheon and a special message on the meaning of Hanukkah for all believers in Messiah.  Invite a friend for this “enlightening” time (Yochanan/John 10:22).   Nes gadol hayah sham!

December 7, Saturday, 9:00-10:am.  Kid’s Hebrew School Begins.   We start a new 15-week semester for all kids 10-13 years old who desire to have a KA Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  There is a fee plus other requirements.  Call our office or talk to Rabbi Kasdan for more details.


Weekly Services


Shabbat Morning Services: at 3219 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., in Clairemont, Saturday, 10:30am. Join us for this uplifting time of worship, fellowship and study. Our current sermon series is “Treasures from the Torah” which is an in-depth study of the weekly parasha reading and how it relates to our walk with Yeshua.

Children Shabbat School: Our children join us for the first part of the service, then break for different classes. Classes for Nursery through High School which include a Bible lesson plus background on Jewish studies and Hebrew.

Dance Ministry: Dance Review Workshop is held every Shabbat, 9:30-10:25am in the upstairs Dance Room. All welcome to learn the dances for that day’s service!

Tuesday Minyan and Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego:   Corporate prayer from 6:30-7:00 as we lift up Israel and the needs of our synagogue. Class from 7:00-8:30pm.  Current Class (onsite or online): “The Jewishness of the New Testament” offered by MJTI.  $99 for this 6-week intensive class taught by Rabbi Kasdan.  New 8-week class starting Nov.26: “Biblical Archaeology”.  We offer a certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies for those who complete 7 of these quality courses.  Join us!

“The Core” Tuesday Youth Group:  Join this great group of teens for a fun time of games, nerf wars, etc. at 6:30pm then a youth oriented Bible study from 7:00-8:30pm.  Connect with other messianic youth!

“A Taste of Torah” Classes: Saturday 9:00-10:00am. This survey of the Torah class will take you through the parasha in one year. Currently in Breisheet/Genesis.   A great way to learn the foundations of our faith!  There is also a Spanish Torah Study at this same time.  Contact Gabe Pacheco or Luciano Rivera for info.

Men’s Club:  All men are invited to this Monday evening group (2nd and 4th at KA) for connecting, dialogue and encouragement on vital issues that we deal with today.  Always some good discussion and study along with service projects for men to be involved with.   Also a group meets every Wednesday 5am.  Contact Frank Rosas or Rome Remigio for more information.

Sisterhood: This dynamic group of women meets monthly for study, friendship and service projects.   Call the KA office for the latest info on the next luncheon and meeting.  All women and daughters are welcome!

Messiah TV:  Check out our TV outreach program as we share Mashiach and the Jewish background of the New Covenant faith in Yeshua.   Seen cross-country!  Check your local cable listings and spread the word.



The Night Before Chanukah (also a Yiddish quiz!)

‘Twas the night before Chanukah, boichiks and maidels
Not a sound could be heard, not even the dreidels
The menorah was set by the chimney alight
In the kitchen, the Bubbie was hopping a bite
Salami, Pastrami, a glaisele tay
And zoyere pickles mit bagels– Oy vay!

Gezint and geschmock the kinderlach felt
While dreaming of taiglach and Chanukah gelt
The alarm clock was sitting, a kloppin’ and tickin’
And Bubbie was carving a shtickele chicken
A tummel arose, like the wildest k’duchas
Santa had fallen right on his tuchas!

I put on my slippers, ains, tzvay, drei
While Bubbie was eating herring on rye
I grabbed for my bathrobe and buttoned my gottkes
And Bubbie was just devouring the latkes
To the window I ran, and to my surprise
A little red yarmulka greeted my eyes.

When he got to the door and saw the menorah
“Yiddishe kinder,” he cried, “Kenahorah!”
I thought I was in a Goyishe hoise!
As long as I’m here, I’ll leave a few toys.”
“Come into the kitchen, I’ll get you a dish
Mit a gupel, a leffel, and a shtickele fish.”

With smacks of delight he started his fressen
Chopped liver, knaidlach, and kreplach gegessen
Along with his meal he had a few schnapps
When it came to eating, this boy sure was tops
He asked for some knishes with pepper and salt
But they were so hot he yelled out “Gevalt!”

He loosened his hoysen and ran from the tish
“Your koshereh meals are simply delish!”
As he went through the door he said “See y’all later
I’ll be back next Pesach in time for the seder!”
So, hutzmir and zeitzmir and “Bleibtz mir gezint”
he called out cheerily into the wind.

More rapid than eagles, his prancers they came
As he whistled and shouted and called them by name
“Come, Izzie, now Moishe, now Yossel and Sammy!
On Oyving, and Maxie, and Hymie and Manny!”
He gave a geshrai, as he drove out of sight
“A gut yontiff to all, and to all a good night!”

Anonymous…with apologies to Clement Moore and Santa


KA Leadership


KA Zekeynim/Elders                                                          Board of Directors

Barney Kasdan, Rome Remigio, Frank Rosas                Tovik Liberman, Ron Wallace, Alice Hoover, Gabi Ring, Elliot Klayman


Luis Garibay                                                                    Paty Garibay

Eric Kragenbrink                                                 

Joanne Kragenbrink                                                     Deborah Remigio

Joan Savarese                                                               Tony Savarese

Jeannie Stinton                                                            Michael Stinton

Tovik Liberman                                                           Colleen Liberman

Ron Wallace                                                                Rene Wallace

Committee Coordinators

Audio: Gabe Pacheco                                                  CD Duplication: Luis Garibay

Dance: Sue Rubin                                                        Facilities: Jim Scarborough

International: Eddie & Yrena Niewald                        Music: Eric & Joanne Kragenbrink

Office: Jan Folb                                                             Oneg: Maria Montelongo

Prayer: Patty Kolb                                                        Resource Center: Alice Hoover

Singles: Bob and Jeannette Haas                                 Social Action: Eric Tauber

Translation: Paty Garibay                                            TV Outreach:  Lety Levy

Ushers: Tony Savavese                                                Website: Rome Remigio

Youth/Education: Michael & Jeannie Stinton              Synagogue Intern: Tamar Klayman

Havurot/Small Groups (connect with the community!)

Del Cerro, Tony & Joan Savarese, 2nd & 4th Fri, 6:30 pm. Cover dish.

UTC/La Jolla, Tovik & Colleen Liberman, 2nd & 4th  Weds. 7:00 pm.

Carlsbad, Eddie & Yrena Niewald, 2nd & 4th Thurs. 7:00 pm.

Bay Park, Mike and Sylvia Ferson, every Thurs. 10 am.

Oceanside, Frank and Marianne Rosas, every Fri, 6:30 pm.  Shabbat dinner.

Yachad (Singles Fellowship), Bob & Jeannette Haas,   Various events planned.

Espanol, Luciano & Lucia Rivera,  every Weds, 6pm.                                                        

Tijuana, Yisrael and Aviva Vazquez,  1st, 2nd & 3rd Thurs plus last Friday 7pm.

Sisterhood, monthly meeting.

San Marcos (women), every Tuesday, 10am.

Men’s Club, Rome Remigio every Wed, 5:00 am or 2nd and 4th Mondays at KA 7pm.

Young Adults (21-40), Tamar Klayman,  various events planned.

Hiking Havurah, Gabe Pacheco, 7am every Sunday at Cowles Mountain in SD.


Contact the KA office for more details and contact information.




If you would like to send a special love gift donation for our work within the Jewish community, you can donate online at or send a check to:

Kehilat Ariel

P.O. Box 178755

San Diego, CA 92177

Thank you! And may God return a special blessing to you as you bless our people! (Genesis 12:3)

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