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January/February 2013 – Israel and the Arab Spring – Part 2?

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Volume 29, Number 3 January/February 2013 Shevat/Adar 5773

**Ted Pearce in concert, Jan.26

**Purim Service, Feb.23

**KA Israel Study and Humanitarian Trip, June 23-July 4, 2013

Israel and the Arab Spring – Part 2?

By Rabbi Barney Kasdan

Once again the Middle East is shaking. After some 1200 missiles launched at Israel over the last year (and 500 this last week alone!), is it a surprise to anyone that Israel responded? But evidently some people are surprised because they are unaware of what the Jewish state confronts everyday. For sure, the Israelis do not wish this confrontation and have taken so many positive actions to avoid it. Most Israelis are open to the existence of a Palestinian State in the Middle East. Of course this is exactly what was offered to the Arabs by the United Nations way back in November 1947. At that time the Jewish people accepted the partition plan that would create both a Jewish State as well as an Arab State. Sadly, the Arab leadership flatly rejected this offer and war soon followed. Consequently, the modern state of Israel was officially birthed on May 14, 1948 and within hours strongly approved by a UN vote which included the USA and even the USSR. There have subsequently been many years of peace and blessing but also many flare-ups of this ancient conflict. It is sadly ironic that since 2005 Israel handed over the Gaza strip (acquired after one of the Arab wars) back to the Palestinians with the hope that with the Israelis gone, there would be a promise to stop the rocket attacks on Israel. Well, Israel is out of Gaza and apparently things have gotten worse. Unfortunately, the recent declaration of the UN to upgrade the Palestinian status, thus by-passing direct negotiations, only adds more confusion to the picture. Why can’t the Palestinian leadership negotiate a peace agreement? Then again, who is the real leadership: Fatah in the West Bank or Hamas in Gaza which still calls for the destruction of Israel? Not a very good partner for peace!

Fast-forwarding to the present day, it has not even been two years since the amazing “Arab Spring” broke out in the Middle East. Optimists were hopeful that this would bring a new wave of human rights, peace and some form of democracy to these long oppressed nations. What is the fruit that we see today? Hamas, a radical group committed to the destruction of Israel, gained control of Gaza and even caused a split with their own Palestinian brothers Fatah in the West Bank. Egypt elected the Muslim Brotherhood which was so bad that it was even banned in Egypt during the last 30 years. Until the recent Gaza campaign there was a massive network of tunnels running from Egypt to Gaza providing Hamas with a steady flow for its military arsenal. It should be noted that among the discoveries this last week were weapons smuggled from Libya (another Arab Spring participant) to Hamas via the Egyptian tunnels. So much for the hope for a chance of attitude in the Arab world for new negotiations towards peace.

With the sad developments of the recent confrontation, people from every spectrum have been forced to reevaluate their perspective on the Middle East. While Israel many times does not get fair treatment in the secular press, many have spoken out in support of Israel’s right to defend itself from this aggression. From our President to both Houses of the US Congress, statements have been made that the onus is on Hamas to stop the missile attacks. There are certainly those who accuse Israel of being the aggressor and occupier, but the current facts speak for themselves. If there were no rockets landing in Israel, there would be no conflict. Enough is enough. There is still a window of opportunity for peace in the Middle East. We continue to witness the bad fruit of jihad, rockets and hate speech. Maybe enough people will see that there is plenty of land in the Middle East for all peoples and that the good fruit comes from peaceful co-existence. As a Messianic Jew, I encourage all people to be aware of the modern history of the Middle East. Those of us who believe in the Torah/Bible know that there is predicted some difficult times before the coming of God’s Peace Plan. The rabbinic commentaries call the last days “the birthpangs of the Messiah”, noting that world events will be like a women’s labor. There will be some pain and struggle but then the birth of the messianic age. In the meantime, all would do well to heed the promise of the Hebrew prophets “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).


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