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January/February 2010 – The Ministry of Prayer and our Messianic Vision

The Ministry of Prayer and our Messianic Vision

By Mark Rantz, Rabbinical Intern Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a spiritual formation lectureship at Bethel Seminary where the keynote speaker taught on the primary pitfalls of ministry and the risk of burn out when one is not steadfast in cultivating a private history with G-d in prayer. In this, he warned, all to often far too many Seminary students come to school with hearts wide-open and softened to the move of the Spirit, only to over time become hardened and closed-off. For in the demands of ministry, work and school (unbeknownst to them) they have replaced the vibrancy of intimacy in Yeshua with that of external demands and deadlines. In this we were accurately reminded that it is not what we know or what we think we know that matters, but instead the condition of our hearts, which G-d is most concerned with. To this end, King Solomon therefore accurately exhorts, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life” (Prov. 4:23, NASB).

In this I was reminded that the very foundation of our call to prayer and intercession must be grounded in nothing other than an intimacy with the Father, where our driving focus is not on the external, but instead to know Yeshua more and obey his commands. It is almost to overwhelming to comprehend – but nevertheless true that as great our longing is to know G-d and move in His Spirit, that this has been from eternity past this has been His greatest desire for us! Even before we were born it was He that yearned for the day to pour Himself out upon us, and empower us in ways that even our natural mind is incapable of comprehending! It is He who loved us first (1 Yochanan/John 4:19), and it is He who daily seeks us out in intimacy and love. Furthermore, it is in this intimacy that G-d calls and equips us to be intercessors and the Messiah’s Ambassadors to the nations. Within both the Messianic community and the church there is much talk today of a renewed call to intercession and prayer, yet it is only through ones willingness to cultivate this intimacy with Adonai that the power for such ministry can come forth. The vibrancy of the spiritual life in Messiah cannot be found in any other place, for it is only at the Fathers feet that we are filled, anointed, and transformed – and in this transformation are we sent out to the nations, and our people Israel.

Intimacy with Yeshua likewise puts us in a place of receptivity to the Father’s heart, where we become pliable to His will and desires. This enables us to fulfill the true mission of intercession where we do not merely pray with limited vision, but instead by hearing the heart of the Father, we cry out “G-d break my heart for the things that breaks your heart”. In turn it is He grants us His heart and His desires so that we might in obedience ‘pray our Father’s heart – back to Him’, so that in answer to our prayers He might manifest His power in our midst. How great and amazing is this love, which G-d has poured out on us, for although He is perfect, holy and lacking in nothing, it is nevertheless through us, mere human beings that He most desires to reveal His majesty and grace. Therefore, let us with due diligence and reckless abandonment daily seek intimacy with Adonai above all else, for it is alone at His feet that we are empowered and equipped to fulfill our Messianic vision!


Upcoming Events

Jan 16        Saturday, 7:00pm.  Special Concert with Deborah Kline-Lantourno and band.  In their first SD appearance, this dynamic group will be sharing their original messianic   music which reflects Israeli, jazz and Latin cultures.  Love offering received.  Great opportunity to bring a friend.

Jan 31     Sunday, 9am-1pm. Tu B’shvat Family Hike at Cabrillo National Monument. All are invited to meet at the KA parking lot at 8:30am if you want to carpool. Bring water and a nosh as we celebrate the Torah holiday for nature. Hike starts at Bayside Trail (moderate, 2 miles) at 9:15am.  Parking is $5 per car.  The whole family and any friends are invited.

Feb 6         Saturday, 10:30am. KA Congregational Meeting following Shabbat Service. We will receive various reports from the comittees and approve our 2010 budget. Make it a priority to attend. Youth hosted Oneg.

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Feb 20      Saturday, 7pm.  KA Night At The Opera.  Verdi’s “Nabucco” presented by the SD Opera telling the story of Nebuchanezzar and the Jewish captivity in Babylon.  Call the Opera directly for tickets and all KA members are invited for a 5pm dinner at Filippi’s Pizza  Grotto in Littly Italy (your own tab).

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